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What is a Brand Refresh & How Can it Help Your Business?

Already have an existing logo or brand identity for your business but feel like it could be improved to better represent your company? A graphic designer can help elevate your branding and create a polished look so that you’re proud to hand out business cards and direct customers to your website.

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I may not know all the secrets, but after helping many small businesses create the perfect brand, I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve...

Rebrand: Canada Immigration Partners

One of my first big jobs after moving to Vancouver was the rebrand for a west coast based business called Canada Immigration Partners. The previous logo had a very general, corporate design, using obvious elements like the globe to express immigration and they wanted something more warm and representative of Canada. They asked me to work with the inukshuk as a symbol and I went from there!

This branding project included many design elements from business cards and letterhead to infographics and graphic aids for the web- see the rest of the elements here! And I continue to work on this brand adding new elements as needed to help create a full informational package to help clients fully grasp how Canada Immigration Partners can help them on their journey into Canada.

See the full branding suite here and keep up with my daily adventures on instagram :) Happy Summer!


A fun, challenging, recent project that I completed was the rebrand of hockey supply wholesale website, So many wholesale product sites and stores don't take branding into consideration, but realized the benefit and value of implementing great branding. I wanted to create a look that was very different from similar wholesale product sites (those with too many "DEALS!" and too much text) and refresh the site with a cool, simple colour palette and inviting icons and infographics.

Here is a little peak of the site itself before and after the rebrand:

And here is the new brand guide and imagery I designed for the brand below.