2017 Goals: Coworking in my City


I haven't put out my usual list of yearly goals yet...and we're already one month in. I think that's because I didn't feel the need to physically write a list this year (I still love lists though, don't worry). So this year, instead of a list of goals, I'm going to share a few major goals as I start working towards them and one of them is this; continue working from a coworking space!

After a desire to meet more creatives and have "work friends", which is difficult for someone who works for themselves half of the time, I looked into coworking spaces. After a quick tour of L'atelier Vancouver,  a new space that opened in Gastown in August of 2015, I knew this was the place I wanted to work out of! 

The space is beautiful, comfortable and has a range of affordable plans for hot deskers like myself so it was a perfect fit. It's a great catalyst to facilitate self-employed creatives to meet, collaborate and be a part of a community. Sometimes it's easy to feel alone when you're working from home, even when you're working with other freelancers and speaking with your clients frequently (let's face it, email just isn't the same as seeing smiling, hard working faces). The most positive part for me is getting to discuss frustrations and bond over the good and bad about working for yourself. It's so comforting to know everyone has similar issues to you because it's hard to go through those road blocks on your own. 

An ongoing goal of mine is to grow my freelance business and making new connections is the #1 way I can continue to meet that goal. Working alongside so many new people will definitely help. It's only February so we still have a lot of time to keep working towards our 2017 goals, feel free to share yours with me if you feel so inspired ;)

Until next time...

P.S. all these lovely photos were taken by the talented Alexa Mazzarello a fellow L'atelier member. Check out her instagram here.