Pre-Travel Plans


Hi friends. It's been awhile. I know. But that is because I've been working on A LOT of new projects big and small. From a 250 page business plan to direct mailers for a local Vancouver company I've been expanding my client base and working on some intricate and fun things. Get ready to see some new work up on the site soon (finally!).


I set some goals for myself this year, as you can see in my previous post (previous post was form January, ugh sad). Anyway, one of those goals was to take a month off to travel and guess what? It's happening! And it's happening soon. I'm leaving Vancouver on August 2nd and not coming back until September 1st! What I'm hoping you may be able to help me out with, is a few suggestions. If you've been to any of the following countries/cities and have 1 thing that was just the best or stayed at a really great place, I'd love to hear about it!

Destination List:

London (the only place out of the following where I have been before)

Of course I'll explore myself and come back with suggestions to share with you then. Get ready for alllll the instagrams and I'll definitely be sharing the story of where my travels take me when I return. I will be working abroad a bit, so this will be my first trip combining work and pleasure but I'm looking forward to seeing how I find working abroad. Speaking of working abroad I will be crossing paths with my brother, Jordan, while in Europe. He's been living the digital nomad lifestyle and I hope to take a few pages from his book along this trip. Looking forward to seeing him in Budapest and again in Berlin!

Until next time... (which will be sooner than the last I promise!)