2016 Goals


Last year I wrote a small blog post about my goals and dreams when 2015 began and I'm so glad I did! Taking note of my goals allowed my to come back and look at them throughout the year and it sort of solidified them in the back of my mind. I'm really proud of myself for working towards and achieving most of my 2015 goals. I set goals that were measurable and realistic and it feels good to have made progress with them.

A quick recap- I continued working as a freelance graphic designer and growing my client base, I traveled to all the places I set out to plus I took local trips along the West Coast. I worked towards expanding my creativity- I started playing piano again which was amazing! I found a great space where I can rent a piano room for an hour at a time and even though I only get the chance to go about once a month it really brings me a lot of joy. After only 1 hour I was able to start remembering some of my favourite pieces by heart, sigh, I missed playing so much. I also started a sketch series that I'm featuring on instagram called #placesIvesketched, that shows off graphic pen drawings I've done of different pictures I took over my travels. People have been so encouraging with these drawings and asking for more so thank you! I plan on continuing this series into 2016. Here are a few favourites:

I started an Etsy shop, which was not a specific goal of mine but it falls under both the creative and business goal categories of expanding my creativity, spending more time on my hobbies and helping to grow my business.

A few of my very simple goals were to pin more (check) listen to podcasts while I work (CHECK- I became a bit obsessive with this goal) and to watch less tv and get outside (check).

In 2016 my goals follow a similar path, some of my goals from 2016 have turned into good habits that I want to continue into 2016, like playing more piano and guitar, drawing and painting more, continue to get outside and be active (I recently started spin class again and I know it sounds crazy to say but I really do enjoy it, it's SUCH a workout!). 

So, here it goes, my goals for 2016:

-improve Etsy shop, list more items
-read more design focused blogs (any recommendations?)
-keep learning new creative and digital skills, take free workshops or maybe enroll in an online course

-update website, turn site into a business based platform really showcasing my services
-continue to grow, network and increase client base
-start working with clients on brand development and consultation
-master personal/business taxes and GST return! This is daunting but will be so satisfying to complete myself!

-take 1 big trip this year, for about 1 month to try working while travelling and get to experience a longer time abroad and visit multiple locations
-take weekend getaways with friends or visiting guests
-I've always wanted to spend a Christmas in New York City and with my best friend living there maybe this year will be the year

-follow the essentialist lifestyle, try and only buy neccessary items for the home and this applies to my closet as well. I want to have a minimal, clean and cute home and a more curated closet. Stop spending money on cheap throw away items.
-continue to volunteer at RILS (something I started in November this year) and try to volunteer more for other associations when I have time. Beach clean up crew perhaps?

Anyone who doesn't believe in resolutions, I say don't do them! But I've found it very successful to set some measurable goals for yourself. If you have a few things you'd like to try and achieve this year, just write them down somewhere, put them in your wallet or on your fridge or in your desk and don't be hard on yourself if you don't reach them all, but a little motivation never hurt anyone. Happy 2016 :)