My Podcast Preferences

I HAVE BECOME OBSESSED (and I'm only slightly exaggerating). Podcasts are my new favourite thing. One of my goals for 2015 was to listen to more podcasts. So I got a few suggestions from trusted experienced podcast listeners aka some of my awesome friends whose opinions I highly value. And I never looked back.  

Once I decided this was going to be a goal of mine, I started listening to only a few podcasts. I tried out maybe 7, and a few really stuck with me. 



A fun listen for someone like me who works from home. Sometimes you just like hearing conversations and to switch it up from listening to the SAME music on your iTunes day after day. This podcast features weekly talks about recent movies, tv series', pop culture events, issues, pretty much stuff you enjoy talking to your friends about but by people who are trained critics and writers.


If you were like me and 'anti' podcast (yes for some reason I just did not understand what was interesting or beneficial about the idea of listening to people talk about super cool subjects) listen to Serial and you will understand how captivating a podcast can be. I'm sure you've heard of it already from many other friends, but it is really entertaining- the perfect thing to listen to while making dinner but warning- you won't want to stop. Maybe a road trip is a better option ;)


As mentioned in the beginning of every episode, this is a podcast for long distance besties, and I have a lot of those! I'm so glad my friend told me about this podcast. It's just fun. And insightful. Two cool ladies talking about lady things, as well as other important topics like hit movies, political scandals, work life, cravings, periods, travel and money. Oh and the fact that they share my affinity for Taylor Swift and Drake doesn't hurt. Such a chill chat session that sometimes you almost think you're their friend and then you remember they have no idea who you are. *embarrassing for me*



This podcast is great for budding entrepreneurs like myself - Jess Lively is the host and she always interviews great guests each week. From inspirational speakers to freelance designers to bloggers and lifestyle/wellness guru's; I'm always inspired listening to others talk about how they got started, the struggles and the benefits of working on their own and much more!



I LOVE this podcast by Grace Bonney of Design Sponge. Like The Lively Show, she also interview the most interesting people in the creative community. I go on binge's and listen to 5 past episodes in a row that I've haven't yet listened to. The podcast is currently on a break, so it's a great time to binge listen ;) and new episodes will be back by June! Can't wait. 



I heard about this podcast through an interview featuring the host Anna Sale, on one my above fav podcasts. The show's tagline is "a show about the things we think about a lot and need to talk about more" which is immediately very engaging. Some shows she interviews celebrities while others she features listener voice recordings/ calls about a specific episode topic whether it be cheating, sibling relationships, family dynamics when loss is involved and so on. Sometimes they are tough topics to discuss but it's very captivating and interesting as one or more of these topics, death, sex and money, is always a focus.



This is just a fun podcast featuring some fun ladies/ bff's living in California, sometimes featuring fun interview subjects or sometimes "solo" episodes where the ladies just talk about life and things they've experienced recently. I enjoy their "1 thing I learned this week" and "ghost story" segments - you feel like you're crashing a fun slumber party with friends.

So I hope any of you who think podcasts are not your thing will give one a try. It doesn't have to be one of these, but these are my current favourites listens so I thought I would share. Also- ANY recommendations or favourites that you think I would enjoy- let me know! I'm on the hunt for new awesome podcasts always now. I told you, I'm obsessed.

Ps. Happy May :) May is a good month. I'm excited for it. Enjoy!