I Started an Etsy Shop!

You may remember the Blank Space Typographic print I created in this Spring and featured here - well I received some interest around it and decided it would be a fun experiment to see if I could sell it! So long story short, I created an Etsy Shop.

Photo by  rawpixel.com  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

Kern Creative features that and other typographic digital prints! A digital print means you get a high quality pdf download upon payment and you can print it yourself. This will save you money (no shipping or printing costs through my store) and can be printed as many times as you like, or can be customized if requested within my shop for a small extra fee. So far all my prints follow this song lyric theme, making them a perfect gift for a friend or customize it with a couple's names and wedding date for a great personal wedding gift that's affordable!

I feature favourite songs of mine, or current popular songs; some are fun and quirky (aka the Drake example above) while some are romantic and meaningful (see print on the left: Latch by Disclosure). 

Recently I've decided to add more items to the shop, so I'm working on a few new things. The latest item you can currently buy- a digital 2016 calendar! 

One of my favourite physical items to design is a calendar. Over the last few years I found myself designing calendars for friends and family as Christmas gifts. They can be personalized with different graphics, size can be a large wall print ora small desk calendar and there is so much you can do in terms of layout and design they are always so fun to design! 

I decided that made it the perfect item for my store. If you're looking for a great and inexpensive holiday gift for a gift exchange at work, a thoughtful gift for significant other's sibling, or a unique stocking stuffer, this calendar is perfect! It can be purchased for under $10 and downloaded immediately so you can then print it yourself! 

It's designed to print 5"x7", so you can fit two calendar pages on one 8.5"x11" sheet. If you print it on nice card stock it will be perfect to use on a bulletin board in an office, or to put on the fridge. It also looks great in a frame on a night table or desk- get creative!

Here's a peek at the design for each month.

I've been inspired by soft colour palettes lately, but I'm working on one or two other colour versions to add to the shop as well so stay tuned- or if you have a specific suggestion, send it my way! See all the prints in my shop here - happy Friday and happy holiday prepping friends!