2015 Goals


I'm not always one for resolutions, so I'm calling these my personal goals for the new year. After reflecting on the past year which was full of changes and new experiences for me (and a lot of goals achieved) I realized some things that I used to do that I've been neglecting recently. So some of my goals are pretty simple- just things I want to pick up again like practicing my guitar or painting. And after branching out with my freelance graphic design, my business oriented goals are pretty simple as well- I hope this year will be a year of growth! I've learned so much already in the past few months so I hope the next year will continue to teach me so much more about being my own boss and managing my business. 

I hope you all have a few goals you're looking forward to working on achieving this year (if that's a thing you're into). Be more creative, organized, experimental, whatever it may be, try something that's important to you and don't put too much pressure on yourself to complete it. The success of your achievements are all relative- don't compare yourself to other peoples terms of measurement. Happy New Year friends!