Decor DIY: TV Stand

As promised...a continuation of my last post 'my very first solo apartment' I am going to show you different spaces in my little place as I complete them! 

This week I finished a DIY project- painting an old tv stand I thrifted (can you call it that when it's been "thrifted" from craigslist? I'm going to go with yes because it sounds better). 

This was the $40 Ikea tv stand beforehand...unfortunately it was a grey day here when I took this photo so it's not easy to tell but it was an ivory/beige colour with an antique sanded look to it and that just didn't fit with other items I'd collected for my apartment. I wanted to give it a fresh coat of paint with a few personal touches.

I decided to paint it white, my desk, kitchen table and coffee table are white so that would fit best and give it a fresh update. 

After two coats of paint it was already looking more modern and fresh. But I wanted to make it a bit more personal and fit my apartment's asthetic even more. Because I was seeing pops of turquoise blue (or grlue) in my space, my desk chair, vintage plant pot, and so on, I decided to make this colour an accent for my place. So painted turquoise drawers it is!

The hardware store by my place was awesome and let me bring back the remaining half of my white paint can to be tinted turquoise for free! That way I was able to keep my budget even tighter and now I don't have too much paint leftover= perfect!

I bought new handles for the drawers at anthropology (finally had a reason to!) and they added and extra level of fun to the stand. The old handles were real boring and had to go.

Et Voila! The finished piece. Much more fun than the original and for a total of $82. The paint was $22 and the handles were $10 each. 

Above the tv I put up my first art in the apartment as well, another DIY project. A favourite magazine of mine, cereal, features minimal images of landscapes and cityscapes that I'm really drawn to. I wanted prints like these and instead I thought, why not take the pictures from my magazines themselves? It wasn't a fun thought to cut pages from this pretty magazine so I got photos printed of them instead. A cheap and easy way to get some of my favourite pictures for my walls.

Another corner of my apartment complete! I still have a long ways to go but I'm enjoying every project as it comes along. Now if only my walls weren't the drab beige ivory colour they are...but unfortunately that's gotta stay, my landlord tells me. Hopefully I will have some personal art projects for my next apartment post...I still need A LOT more art on my walls!