Home Office: Desk Styling

So as you may know, I've moved to Vancouver and am renting my very first bachelor apartment! And it's pretty exciting. I've been criagslisting hardcore (turned that into a verb over these past few weeks) to find interesting fix-me-upper pieces on the cheap. And so far it's been super successful! I'm going to share little snippets of my apartment as I complete them. The first thing I focussed on was my desk. Since I'm working from home at the moment I wanted to find a good size desk quickly and get it set up so I could continue my work soon after my move. 

I'm lucky to have nice big windows that overlook Stanley Park and the mountains in North Vancouver so I wanted my desk to face outside. Take a break, enjoy the view, sometime I can see swans swimming in the lagoon outside my window, it's kind of serene and stuff. And the nice large window ledge is perfect for framed photos of some of my travels and plants! I still only have one plant, but I plan on filling the ledge with many more. (Or at least a few more. I don't want to overdo it, especially with my less-than-green thumb). 

The desk and chair were both from Craigslist! The desk is originally from Ikea, I liked it because of the great size. I need lot's of space for my tablet, sketchbook and many to-do lists. The chair is my favourite find so far, it's from the Krug furniture company and still has a sticker on the bottom stating it was made in 1958! It has awesome metal button detailing on the back and the aqua colour (or grlue as my designer friend Belinda Love Lee has entitled it) has popped up on many different items in my apartment. My vintage plant pot, my desk organizer from Martha Stewart Home, it all fit together nicely, so it has become my apartment accent colour! 

Stay tuned for more updates and DIY's from my very first solo apartment! This weekend is going to be a rainy one (it started! rainy fall on the west coast) so I may try to complete a DIY paint project for my newest craigslist find, a tv stand/hutch for my art supplies. I'm really enjoying creating my own space and doing it on a budget is even more fun! There are so many great things you can find for a reasonable price that's used and in need of some love, it's a challenge!